Clara's Curl - Shocking Pink

Clara's Curl - Shocking Pink


Pre-code cutie Clara Bow, and her carved curls, are the inspiration behind this deco design. As a symbol of Clara's cascading pincurls, this Art Deco inspired swirl sparkles with old opulence, and twinkles with tinsel town glamour of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Clara's Curl sits atop our house favorite shocking pink turban.

Color/Fabric: Dark pink velvet turban
Measurements: One size fits all. For more sizing info, see terms.

Flapper meets cherub, describes Clara Bow, the "It Girl" of silent film era. With her signature heart shaped lips and heart shaped beauty mark, Clara invented the notion of flaunting her sex appeal on the silver screen. Not only was Clara's make-up a distinguishable characteristic, but her Betty Boop-like hair was unforgettable. An inspiration to Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn even recreated her idol, holding a petal pink balloon, in a series of photos with Richard Avedon. Clara's carved pin curls and sweet swirls serve as inspiration for this design, as a shape commonly seen in Art Deco jewelry.

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