Surréaliste is inspired by artists Elsa Schiaparelli & Salvador Dali, the inventors of the infamous, and shocking, Lobster Dress during the Surrealism movement in the 1930's. Surréaliste is rich with deco decadence, adorned with a crystal encrusted crustacean, atop a black velvet turban.

Color/Fabric: Black velvet turban
Measurements: One size fits all. For more sizing info, see terms.

The infamous lobster dress was a design collaboration with Salvador Dalí that came from the lobsters that started appearing in Dalí's work in the 1930's. 'With Schiaparelli, Dalí strategically placed the lobster on the front of the skirt, and was well known for using lobsters as an expression of frank and vehement sexuality. Master silk designer Sache, then translated the sketch to the fabric, and the dress was born. Cecil Beaton took almost a hundred photographs, during the session with Wallis Simpson (Duchess of Windsor) for Vogue in an eight page spread 1937. For Dalí, both the telephone and the lobster had sexual connotations. Schiaparelli and Dalí were kindred spirits, and adored each other because they loved taking risks.

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