Hayworth's Hand

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Hayworth's Hand


Hayworth’s hand is a symbol of Schiaparelli’s surrealism, with a glittering claw complete with a fresh sparkling, pink, manicure. A hand worthy of Hayworth’s, this 1940’s inspired deco design lays atop our signature, rich, black velvet turban.

This adornment is also featured on our black, velvet, envelope clutch.

Color/Fabric:Black velvet turban
Measurements: One size fits all. For more sizing info, see terms.

Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, used Surrealism themes heavily in her accessories collections starting in the 1930’s. The symbolism and use of hands in the work of Elsa is a part of her personal, ironic revolution in fashion. Her dresses were no longer aimed at men’s desire, but rather to portray female taboos such as childhood, and eroticism. The hands encompassing the waist, closing a coat closure, or the false exaggerated claw nails, are all features that revolutionized the culture of appearance while mocking and distorting the meaning of clothing. To Schiaparelli, the hand is not a mere embellishment, but rather an ancestral symbol coming from the subconscious. Surreal!

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