Mae Lips Earrings

Mae Lips Earrings


The Mae earrings are inspired by an anatomical part of our girl Mae West’s famous face in mind. As Dali's interpretation of Mae’s come hither smile as well as 1930s & 1940s novelty prints, these rhinestone rouge earrings, featuring luscious lips and pearls, bring Mae's mouth to life!

Color/Fabric: Gold plated, pearl post back earrings.
Measurements:1" long

To Salvador Dalí, lips were one of the most painted, described, and filmed part the body. It's evident that time changes and fashion too, but lips remained a continuous inspiration for artists such as Schiaparelli and Dalí. He designed a surrealist sofa, of Mae's lips, and Schiaparelli often used lip elements, including buttons. The collaboration of the two artists designed the ruby lips brooch, which was first modeled after Mae West, and later, Marilyn Monroe. They were also inspired by the poetic cliché of ruby lips and teeth like pearls, which Dalí found fitting for his surrealist jewels.

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