Nouveau Celestial Earrings

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Nouveau Celestial Earrings


These stunning sparklers are Golden Age perfection, with the iconic pairing of a crescent moon and sun stars, of Art Nouveau & Art Deco themes. Finished in crystals, these silver screen statement earrings are a beacon of decadence from decades before.

Color: Silver plated, with clear rhinestones. Post backing.
Measurements: 2" length

It was the roaring 20's, and the arrival of Art Deco, a style that celebrated the new machine age, and prosperity. Motion pictures, jazz, telephones, and cars became cultural fixtures in society. Streamlined trains, and towering skyscrapers were proud images that expressed symbolism of prosperity, and progress. In design, Art Deco jewelers used platinum and white gold, through geometric shapes such as the baguette, trapeze, and the half-moon and stars became especially popular in Art Deco jewels. Ironically, designers were taking from the past, but looking to the future, as motifs from ancient civilizations were inspirations behind their nouveau designs. The moon craze grew into paper moon photographs and postcards, and was also seen in fashion and accessories.

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