Pink Petals & Pearls Purse

Pink Petals & Pearls Purse


Pink, petals, pearls..Check! These elements of elegance are both romantic & retro, exuding opulence of Old Hollywood Glam, mixed with the beauty of Baroque. Gilded leaves kissed with pearls, and fancy floral filigree, create this pretty pink purse that looks right off of a runway.

Color: Gold plated with amber rhinestones.

The Baroque period of artistic style that graced the 17th century, had seen a revival in mid century jewelry, furniture, decor, and more. Costume jewelry displayed themes of baroque, with a mixture of gold tones, florals, and pearls. Popular in Italian art and history, Baroque themes and elements of rich reds, and gilded leaves were often seen in the dress of Italian actresses, such as Gina Lollobrigida in her ethereal role as Esmeralda.

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